From my diary

The coughs and colds and tummy bugs of winter have arrived, and I’ve had other things on my mind for the last three weeks.  But there are a few updates.

I’ve been updating my Mithras site with a few extra photographs found online.  Every so often I see one, sometimes on Twitter, and track down the origins of it.  The collection of labelled photographs on my siteis indeed proving useful, I discover, as I hoped; some books on Google Books are including it in their bibliography.

Some more pages of the Vita Compilata of Nicholas of Myra have arrived from the translator, but there’s a long way to go as yet.  The translator is a monk, with no mains power, so this naturally limits what he can do.  But it will be good to have this work in English.

Anthony Alcock has emailed me another translation from Coptic this evening – thank you – which I will upload tomorrow (I think).  It is very good that he is working away on this, and making the first widely available translations from Coptic.

I must get back to work on translating Eutychius.  Sadly my Saturdays are being called on for other purposes at the moment.


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