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I’ve been mildly but definitely ill with the flu for more than three weeks now, and I am now convalescing.  I’ve taken advantage of my recovery to go through my backlog of blogging ideas, and turned them into posts.  The length of that list was rather daunting!

I attempted to obtain access to a copy of Myers, Hymns of Hilary of Poitiers, from Manchester University.  Apparently the university will only deal with members or ex-members of  the university, unless I travel there physically.  It’s a reminder of how useless physical libraries were.  They might hold a book, but they were devils in allowing you to access it.  It’s a shock, after finding things online so easily.

I have removed two modern translations of Juvenal from my shelf.  I shall use them only for reference, so I will slice them up and convert them to PDF.  For pleasure I read the old Loeb, which bowdlerises the worst of the filth.

I also have some guidebooks to Petra and Jerash, which have sat unused for more than 20 years.  I think they will go to Oxfam!

I must translate some more Eutychius.


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  1. Oh, and I’ve got some patristic eggs over on my blog! One of them came from your Tertullian site, so there’s that.

    St. Augustine calling Jesus “the Gospel Hen” is just too cracky. Yup, that’d sure wake up Hippo’s cathedral congregation….

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