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It’s all rather busy right now, as it always is for me in April.

First, I’ve tried to enable “https” on the address.  It’s possible that this will cause something odd to happen.  Please let me know if it does.

I’ve got hold of the Greek text of Severian of Gabala, De sigillis sermo (On the seals; CPG 4209) and sent that over to Fr Alban Justinus, to see if he’d like to have a crack at it.  It’s supposed to have something interesting in it about the canon of scripture.  I’m also interested in Severian’s work against the Jews, but we’ll see about that sometime.

I’ve also sent the Latin text of John the Deacon, author of a medieval life of Nicholas of Myra, to a gentleman who wrote in, offering to translate something.  Let’s see what happens.

Another correspondent has written, raising questions about the translation of pseudo-Hegesippus that I have online.  There are a number of simple errors in it, it seems.  I shall write a preface containing the queries, and leave it as it is.  Ideally I would get someone to review and revise the translation – the original translator is now dead, and only did it as a quick-and-dirty exercise for a relative anyway.  I don’t have anyone at present to do that; and I can’t spare the time to do it myself.

I’m still not 100% recovered from my flu of 4 weeks.  I notice almost everyone has or has had a cold or flu.  What a sickly season it has been!  The sun arrived today, however.  This time of year is paperwork time, when the government demands that I account for all my earnings, so that they can take some of it.  Would that income tax had never been invented!


6 thoughts on “From my diary

  1. Seems to work fine, except that ‘’ forwards to unencrypted ‘’.

  2. Yes I am – thank you! Sadly Fr Alban had scruples about translating the work of an enemy of Chrysostom so that will not happen. Thank you for that transcription tho – that’s another work I’d like to see in English!

  3. Bless you Fr Alban, if you are reading, may I humbly ask you consider how your talents could serve scholars too? Some gold coin for the monastery wouldn’t go astray either.

    Oh well, each to his own. Yes if I had time I’d have a bash at a few more translations myself. Time…time…what is that?

    Glad you are otherwise well.

  4. We must respect his view. I’m thinking of a couple of other items at the moment.

    Time? Not got any 🙂

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