A collection of sayings attributed to Ammonius/Amun

Dr Anthony Alcock has translated for us all a collection of sayings, some Syriac, some Greek, which are attributed to St Ammonius, or Amun, a disciple of the desert father St Anthony.  These take the form of short anecdotes.

It’s lovely to have these in English!  The PDF is here:


One thought on “A collection of sayings attributed to Ammonius/Amun

  1. Thank you both for this!

    The other day, I happened to encounter a book by a clergyman of the Church of Ireland, James Owen Hannay (a Donnellan Lecturer, who was also a prolific and successful novelist and playwright pseudonymously), The Wisdom of the Desert (1904):


    Did the Desert Fathers only begin to be made more widely known at the beginning of the 20th century (noting Budge’s The Paradise or Garden of the Holy Fathers (1907) as well as Hannay, and Nau, here)?

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