From my diary

A couple of busy days.  A look in the spam folder – Akismet is behaving erratically these days – revealed a week old but deeply interesting comment on the Printing banned by Islam? post from 2009.  I ended up adding a long extra section to the post, full of material about early Ottoman firmans – laws that lasted the life of a Sultan – concerned with printing.

[Update: I originally had material about the Phrantzolas edition here, but moved it to here, as it is really part of a series of posts].

I must go and find the web page that has all the files of the ancient Greek for Ephraem Graecus.  Always more to do!

I’ve also scanned the 1962 pamphlet, Mithras and his Temples on the Wall.  This has details of the Carrawburgh Mithraeum on Hadrian’s wall.  My scanner is still out, and another item may be for the same treatment in a moment.  Lots to do!


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