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This evening I spent some time upgrading the software on my personal Wiki.  It was a project for Syriac literature that I did many years ago, and I only discovered today that it was no longer functioning.  Thankfully the upgrade was smooth and I got everything back.  But it does make you realise that websites created with document management tools will just rot, naturally, over time.  As the PHP version increases, they will cease functioning.  This is a rather serious problem for the future-proofing of content.

While looking around the web for material on St Valentine of Rome, I realised just how important the BHL and BHG numbers are for the researcher.  I’ve modified the header of my post with the St Valentine of Terni translation accordingly, to make it easier to find.  In the process I discovered that an Italian translation of it exists, albeit in a book that nobody has or can access, so I modified the post with that info and updated my files also.  I’ve just finished putting those new versions on as well.

I’ve been looking for a new contract for a month now – it usually takes 6-8 weeks – and by God’s providence an old client contacted me on Friday asking me to return.  The role is local as well, which is good news.  This will involve starting very soon, as soon as Thursday.  So … all my projects will go back on hold again.  I shall need to spend the next few days revising what I know about that client, and sorting out paperwork, so expect reduced blogging.


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  1. Wow ! I didn’t know your wiki on the syriac litterature… good Job, indeed !
    I have just translated the dialogue of Avraham of Beth-Hale from english to french… if you wish, i may send you Taylor’s translation

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