From my diary

Regular readers will have noticed the lack of blogging.

For more than seven weeks I have been unable to work.  The symptoms are general weakness and a constant headache, possibly sinus-related.  This came on following a three-day bout with the office cold.  I’m getting more rested, of course, but the problem is not really improving.  I do not feel very unwell, until I try to do anything that requires concentration.  That promptly puts me down again.  I’m seeing a doctor, and I’ve started to take some pills which I hope will help.

I don’t know whether my job will still be there when I get fit.  Fortunately I am not short of money.  But getting fit in order to work must take top priority. The last thing that I want to do at the moment is write blog posts, or reply to email.

My apologies for the silence.   Blogging will resume when I get fit.  I’ve been noting interesting items for my backlog folder, as I see them, but I can’t do much with them as yet.

7 thoughts on “From my diary

  1. Sending up prayers for you; hopefully Raphael will give a bit of a boost.

    Get better. I suggest this place too much for you to run yourself to bits. 🙂

  2. Take care of your health first of all. We remain in waiting for your news and pray for your prompt and complete recovery. Hope to hear good news soon.

  3. Take care of yourself, Roger. Wish you a quick recovery. If you have sinusitis, and it does seem like it, you may need a washout plus antibiotics and probably a short course of steroids.

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