Aldama’s “Repertorium pseudochrysostomicum” is now online!

A couple of weeks ago the Persée site announced that they had added the “Documents, études et répertoires de l’Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes” to their collection.  The IRHT is the centre of manuscript studies, so this is big news.  The collection may be found here.

This is full of good things for those interested in medieval manuscripts.  It also contains the volumes of the Codices Chrysostomici Graeci – listing the enormous number of Chrysostom manuscripts.

But the highlight is number 10, the Repertorium Pseudochrysostomicum (1965) by Aldama, listing all a large proportion of the works falsely attributed to John Chrysostom.  There are hundreds of them, and this is the key tool to use.  Nobody ever had access to it, of course.  It’s the sort of book that is locked up in manuscript rooms, themselves accessible only with a letter of recommendation.

Well done the IRHT!  This is excellent news.


4 thoughts on “Aldama’s “Repertorium pseudochrysostomicum” is now online!

  1. Aldama does not list ALL the spurious attributed to Chrysostom (compare with CPG for starters): just a fraction of the Greek tradition. Similar situations obtain in a dozen other languages – be it translations or texts composed in loco. Some have hundreds of spuria.

  2. Roger, this is probably carrying coals to Newcastle, but do you know of the gradually-increasing open-access resources at Corpus Corporum at the University of Zurich ( It includes a searchable Patrologia Latina. — Paul

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