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I work a lot with Latin texts.  So I use my own QuickLatin tool a lot, in order to do so.  Over the last few weeks I have found myself drawn to work on it some more.  I’m adding in some context-sensitive syntax information, as this is the area that my schoolboy Latin is weakest in.  I’m also working on the parser some more.

A couple of days ago I ran the whole of the Vulgate through the program, to see what happened.  This took a ridiculously long time – speed has not been my priority for a long while – but I was glad to find that only a few dozen words were not recognised.  So I’m looking at these.  In some cases this simply requires an addition to the dictionary.  In others it reveals subtle problems.

Most of the Latin texts that I am working with at the moment are medieval, and their authors knew the Vulgate very well indeed.  So making sure that QuickLatin can handle late Latin usage is time well-spent.

At some point I ought to do another release of the tool online.  It’s been a very long time since I have done so.  But again the priority is to work on the code.

Meanwhile my backlog of items which I hope to blog about grows ever longer!  But while I feel in the mood to do some programming, then I will go with it.


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  1. I had no idea you were a programmer too! Interesting combination of skills!

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