The Life of St Piran – now online in English

A couple of days ago I mentioned that Google Translate was doing an unusually good job on the Latin of the Life of St Piran (BHL 4659).  I’m afraid that I am easily distracted.  I had not planned to do so, but I seem to have produced a translation of the whole text.  So here it is:

The files can also be found on here.  I’ve included the Latin text as well, and a brief introduction.  Unfortunately the work tells us nothing about St Piran, nor even what tales were circulating about him.  It’s a copy of the Life of St Ciaran of Saighir with the names changed (!)  Oh well.  It’s here, anyway.

As ever, this material is placed in the public domain.  Do whatever you like with it, personal, educational or commercial.  Have fun!


7 thoughts on “The Life of St Piran – now online in English

  1. Roger…You do wonderful work, I love it! Wish I had more time to devote to reading your posts, etc. But keep them coming. I’m still struggling with Greek. Latin…I think I flunked it in the 9th grade, but took it up a few years ago. All Wonderful! Too much to learn from the ancients…

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I’m trying to find a company that will publish a “print-on-demand” book of Xylander’s translation of Aurelius’ Meditations. And I finally got a very nice “print-on-demand” copy of Long’s 2nd Edition of his translation, the one with the “famous” Note about Gen. Lee, etc. The company in India did a wonderful job on the faux leather cover.

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