The Charaktêres site – Ancient Magic and Ritual Practice

I’ve just become aware of a website devoted to the academic study of Ancient Magic and its rituals.  The site is Charaktêres – Ancient Magic and Ritual Practice, and it is run by Kirsten Dzwiza.  Apparently it dates back to 2008 originally – about the same date as this blog.  It is full of interesting material, papyri, gems, inscriptions; some of it of much wider interest.  There was a series about rubrics in the magical papyri recently – yes, in red ink.

If you are on Twitter, Dr Dzwiza tweets in English and German at  This is very well worth following   She also has a German-language site,

My attention was originally drawn by this magnificent 3rd century magic gem, made of Carnelian (Getty 80.AN.132.2):

Magic Gem (3rd c. AD) owned by the Getty Museum.

Dr Dzwiza wrote a detailed description of the item here.



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  1. What the heck? The “magic signs” on the large side — they look like Chinese characters?!

    Not that they look like they make sense, but….

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