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At the moment I am working on my translation of the minutes for the council of Hippo (393) and council of Carthage 3 (397).  This has been hanging around for ages, and I want it done.  I think I have translations of everything now, but I am taking advantage of the newly improved Google Translate for Latin to read Munier’s proemium to his edition of the canons of the African councils, which I never took the time to look at. I am learning a few things from it that should be useful.

Munier was not well-served by his publisher, who failed to give him enough editorial support.  The book badly needs to be reedited and retypeset.  It’s nearly unusable.

A gentleman wrote to me today asking about the original language text of Bryson Sewell’s translation of two homilies, Chrysostom’s De Severiano Recipiendis and Severian’s De Pace, both delivered during the brief period of reconciliation.  I placed the translation on the blog, but I was quite unable to find anything on my PC’s hard disk; not even the finished translation.  In the end I searched through my email box and located the original emails, and one of these contained the two files.

There must have been a directory of files, but I have no idea what has become of it.  If I had not placed it online, it would be lost.  If I didn’t keep all my emails, I’d never have found the source.  This is a bit sobering: where did it all go?

Now that I am retired, I ought to consider getting things better organised.  I ought to create a master list of translations, in some future-friendly format like HTML.  Maybe with links to where the stuff can be found.


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