A bit of web searching for BHL 6106 = chapter 12 of John the Deacon’s Life of St Nicholas

Alright, I got tempted.  I did a google search on BHL 6106, the chapter of John of the Deacon’s Life of St Nicholas that I am currently translating, or rather prevaricating about translating!

Almost instantly I came up with two manuscripts at the French National Library.  The first is 12th century, Ms. BNF Paris Latin 5573.  The splendid catalogue – which came up with the match – is here.  At the bottom is a link to a full digital manuscript, fully downloadable.    The catalogue tells me which folio to look on.  Magic.

The next was BNF Paris Latin 18303, 11th century, and really rather attractive!  Catalogue is here.  I downloaded it and scrolled to fol. 37, and there is the start of my text:

BNF Paris Latin 18303 fol. 37r.

Magic.  This sort of thing is so easy.  Everyone should do it!

Well done the BNF for getting this stuff up there and out there.


6 thoughts on “A bit of web searching for BHL 6106 = chapter 12 of John the Deacon’s Life of St Nicholas

  1. Love your enthusiasm, Roger. Wishing you a holy Good Friday and a blessed Easter.

  2. That is a handsome and well-preserved text!
    I don’t suppose you’d ever consider doing a 5-10 minute tutorial / podcast / video, anything of that nature, on the resources available on-line? You could even use this as your class exercise. Speaking for myself I’d be grateful.

    Take care & God bless
    Anne / WF

  3. Dear Mr Pearse,

    I very much enjoy your work on this blog and your outstanding work on Eusebius’ chronological Canons.

    It is possible to ask you a question about the dating of the death of Augustus in Eusebius’ Canons?

    It seems to me that the Armenian version of Eusebius’ canons in J. Karst, Die Chronik: aus dem Armenischen übersetzt (Leipzig, 1911, p. 212) dates the death of Augustus to Olympiad 198 Year 2 (which is also listed as year 56 of Augustus; 2029 of Abraham), but in the Latin edition of Eusebius in Fotheringham, Eusebii Pamphili Chronici canones (1923, p. 253), the death of Augustus is dated to Olympiad 198 year 1 (= year 56 of Augustus).

    Have I read the edition of Karst incorrectly, or did the Armenian version really date the death of Augustus to Olympiad 198 Year 2? And if there is this contradiction between the Armenian version of Eusebius and the Latin version translated by Jerome on the Olympic year when Augustus died, is there a modern scholarly explanation for this?

    Best wishes and I hope you had a blessed Easter

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