From My Diary

I’m working on an English translation of St Mewan.  I’m about halfway through at the moment.  I’m using Google Translate and ChatGPT 3.5 to do the heavy liftiing, and working on the output.

ChatGPT is really quite unstable.  When it works, it’s great, but sometimes it silently returns the Google Translate output the for the Latin instead.  Because I interleave the sentences and translations I tend to catch it at once, but it is infuriating.  Yesterday I told it “translate from Latin without using Google Translate”, and this did force it back to something else.  But it wasn’t as good, and I do wonder what it was using.  I’m not that keen on technology that hides what it is doing.

Much of the rest of my time is currently being spent with a bunch of machines and boxes of disks, inherited from my parents.  They’re occupying my study floor, so I have been trying to reduce these down to whatever is actually useful now, and putting the disk contents onto a hard disk.  The CDRs and CDRWs are mostly OK, some 15 years after they were made.  Most of the laptops are old, slow and now useless.  But I have somehow ended up as the owner of four (4) Fujitsu Scansnap 1300i document scanners.  Useful things, but I hardly need four of them.


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