Syriac Life of Shenoute, by Anthony Alcock

Anthony Alcock has emailed another text for which he has made an English translation.  This time it is the Syriac version of the Life of Shenoute.  It’s here:

As ever, it is great to have this. Thank you!


Shenoute – Adversus Graecos de usura / On usury, now online in English

The excellent Anthony Alcock has made a translation of a short but interesting text by the Coptic abbot Shenoute (or Shenouda).  The Latin title is Adversus Graecos de usura, but he titles it On labour relations and usury, and seems to question whether it can be really directed against the pagans.

Here is the translation:

I was unable to find the source text online, although it certainly used to be!  This is based on two manuscripts:

  • A = Codex Parisinus (BNF) Copt. 130.2, foll. 20-23.
  • B = British Museum 197, fol. 1.

All very welcome as usual – thank you!


Shenoute – Against the Pagan Philosopher. Now online in English

Dr Anthony Alcock has just sent me another of his excellent translations from Coptic.  This one is an oration by the 4th century Father Shenoute, the most important figure in Coptic monasticism, against a pagan philosopher (Ad philosophum gentilem).  He has helpfully included an introduction and notes.  Here it is:

It is wonderful to have these texts of Shenoute accessible – thank you!