Bibliography management tools – any suggestions?

I’m writing an article at the moment, for publication.  I’ve got too much bibliography for me to remember everything any more.

I’ve got lists of articles on bits of paper, and no idea, in some cases, why I looked at something.  I’ve got folders full of PDF’s.  And I’m forgetting stuff.  Stuff that I know I need to look at.

This cannot be an unusual experience.  It must happen to everyone doing a PhD.  But those days are long behind me, and we didn’t have computers in those days.

So what do people use?  There must be software to help this along.  Maybe even that stores PDF’s, so I can access my research from anywhere?

An example of the sort of thing that I don’t want to clutter my head with came up today.  One article that I read referred to Eusebius Church History, and suggested that Eusebius can’t have written the quotations himself; they must have been done by literary sidekicks.  The article referenced T.D. Barnes’ Constantine and Eusebius.  I got hold of this, and he does say it, but didn’t research it.  Instead he references Lawlor and Oulton’s old SPCK translation (vol. 2 has a preface with a discussion in it), plus a general article from Texte und Untersuchungen on Eusebius’ methods in general.

What I will want to use is the Lawlor and Oulton reference.  But I don’t want to lose the chain of references.  I don’t want to end up wondering why I have a photocopy of two pages of the Barnes article on my disk.  In fact I don’t want to see that Barnes article, except when I am following that reference in the main article; it’s just clutter on the disk.

So … suggestions?  What should I be using?

I vaguely recall people saying “Zotero”.  Will that cope with my needs?