Ezquerra, Romanising Oriental Gods – freely accessible online!

Just discovered that Jaime Alvar Ezquerra and his publisher Brill have done something marvellous with Richard Gordon’s translation of his book Romanising oriental gods: Myth, Salvation and Ethics in the Cults of Cybele, Isis and Mithras (2008).  I needed to consult it, and Google books gave me so very little with which to do so.

They put the thing online.  In PDF form.  Here:


I could have wept!  How amazing!  How useful!

Thank you, gentlemen.

UPDATE: Oh rats! They omitted the plates!


Epiphanius: A new edition of “Panarion” in English; and an old one of “De Gemmis”

There is one really important patristic text that isn’t online.  I refer to the massive compendium of heresies, the Panarion of Epiphanius of Salamis.  An English translation was made by Frank Williams, and published by Brill.  Massively expensive, I cracked and bought a copy some years ago.  It is the main source for the Ebionites and Nazorean heretics, for instance.

It seems that a new edition of the translation has appeared.  Kevin Edgecomb has done a rather excellent review of it, which indicates that it is a thorough reworking.  Indeed the old one was rather stilted, so it needed it.  Unfortunately he still translates “heresy” as “sect”.  It will be a while before I lash out for it, tho!

I found Kevin’s post quite by accident.  This evening I was browsing Quasten’s Patrology vol. 3 casually, and found that an English translation existed of Epiphanius work De gemmis.  The work itself is lost in Greek, but a complete version exists in Old Georgian, and was translated in 1934 by R. P. Blake.  Fragments also exist in Armenian and Ethiopic.

A google search revealed that Blake’s book was on Archive.org here, much to my delight since it turns out to be a rare book.  I will try running that PDF through Finereader 9 and see if we can get an OCR’d text of the English translation.