Vandalism already at the Mithras pages!

I was doing a little work on the scripts, and happened to open an obsolete page on the site.  To my horror I found that it had been vandalised, with crummy html for some car insurance.  The vandal had edited it a couple of times, first inserting his muck into a footnote, and then, growing bolder, erasing all the content and pasting in his rubbish.  The IP address responsible was from the United Arab Emirates.

I have it all backed up, so nothing was lost and I have reverted the changes.  What worries me, tho, is how he managed to edit it at all.  Only I have access, as far as I know.  He did edit it through the front-end system, as there are traces in the logs.

It’s a sad change from the last time I made pages available online for online editing.  Back in 2006, people just didn’t do this kind of thing.  Now every two-bit criminal is online.  I shall have to implement some better form of security, and waste useful time on so doing.

How I curse the selfish morons who hire nobodies in places like the UAE to damage the interests of everyone else!

Wonder how the swine found his way in.  It’s not particularly secure, but it shouldn’t be possible for anyone else to edit.