A fragment of the Didache in De Lagarde’s Coptic catena?

I was looking at the introduction to Catenae in evangelia aegyptiacae quae supersunt by Paul de Lagarde (1886; available at Lulu here).  This is a publication of a Coptic catena on the four gospels, which contains a fair number of fragments of Eusebius, and that is why I was reading it.  But then I noticed something more. 

In the list of authors quoted, there is [didache twn apostolwn], given as p.73, line 7.  A fragment of Chrysostom starts on line 10.  So it’s only a short chunk.  There’s no label against the passage (hence the brackets) which belongs to a chunk starting “Epiphanius” on line 1.

I don’t follow Didache scholarship, but I wonder whether this fragment has been noticed by scholars?

PS: I wonder how many people know of this bibliography of published Coptic texts, here: P. Cherix, Petite bibliographie des textes coptes litteraires edites?  I encountered it just now, looking for stuff on De Lagarde.  The site, http://www.coptica.ch/ seems to be very useful indeed.  Here are links to texts; studies; manuscripts; and a mass of bibliographies.  Wonderful!