“How long is in living memory”, part 2

A little while ago I asked, “How far back is ‘living memory'”?  I got some interesting answers, but, far more interesting, Tom Schmidt was inspired to dig out some family memories of his own.  His post here deserves to be read by us all. It includes mention of memories of both C. S. Lewis, and the US Civil War.

C. S. Lewis died in 1963.  That’s almost 60 years ago.  Yet it does not seem very long ago, and meeting people who met Lewis is far from improbable.  We have a wealth of information about him.

Yet 60 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus in AD 30 is AD 90.  I think that most of us would feel that by AD 90 the number of living witnesses might be getting thin.  But quite probably we are wrong to think so, simply by analogy with C.S.Lewis.