Does God only use “people” people?

Does God only use the ‘people’ people? 

There are two sorts of people out there.  There are those focused on other people, and there are the task- or thing-oriented people.  I know that I am in the latter class, and indeed I only function among others by means of some carefully fabricated plastic personalities.  Most of us, perhaps, do the same. 

It’s like getting a lame dog over a stile.  Some people will pick up the lame dog and lift it over the stile.  Others will look at the stile and say, “We need to redesign this stile so that lame dogs can get themselves through it.”

Neither is wrong.  Temperament comes into this a lot.

But … does God only want the first sort?  It sometimes seems so.  Certainly those who are NOT people oriented find only a marginal role in most Christian activity.  They get set to do the magazine, or stuff like that (hey, I’ve been there!)  Can we think of a thing-oriented person in the bible?

It’s worth praying about.  God calls us to be like Him, to submit to Him, to be changed by Him into what he meant us to be. 

So how does it work for those of us who are socially awkward, rather isolated?  What does God want of us?

And, of course … how on earth do we ever get married, if the Christian girls all want to marry the other sort!