Theodore of Mopsuestia on Genesis

I have started another little project and written to someone to translate a bit of Syriac into English.  It’s fragments of Theodore of Mopsuestia on Genesis.  I found a PDF of Sachau’s 1869 edition, and uploaded it here.

The Latin translation starts on p.14 of that PDF; the Syriac text on p.94 of the PDF file.  There may be some Greek fragments extant of this work also; not sure how these relate to the Syriac.  The remains cover most of the first three chapters of Genesis.

I think it’s about 4,000 words (based on 7.8 words / line, 25 lines / page, so 200 words per page, 21 pages, two of them half pages) in length.  I’d be prepared to pay 10c a word for a translation (no transcription this time), say $400.

It will be interesting to see if it flies.  I’d give this one away as well, I think.

Theodore of Mopsuestia on Genesis

My attention has been drawn (as the libel lawyers say), by this discussion, to the remains of the commentary on Genesis by Theodore of Mopsuestia.  These are not extensive, but are interesting.

Migne prints a bunch from the catena of Nicephorus in vol. 66, cols. 633-646.  These are in Latin, not Greek, so I presume are from a publication of the catena which only consisted of an early modern Latin translation.

A bunch of fragments were also found in Syriac, and printed in Sachau, Theodori Mopsuesteni Fragmenta Syriaca (1869).  Finally some more were printed in French, according to Quasten (I don’t have the details here).

The upshot is that most of what Theodore wrote on Genesis 1-3 is actually extant, if collected.  It doesn’t sound like a great volume of data.  Probably $500 would translate the lot.