Versiones Slavicae: Greek texts extant in translation in Slavonic

A really important project is announced at Alin Suciu today.

In May 2012, Dr. Yavor Miltenov introduced on this blog a new project titled The Versiones Slavicae. A Corpus of Medieval Slavonic Translations and Their Greek Sources. You can read his post here.

The aim of VERSIONES SLAVICAE initiative is to elaborate a freely accessible Internet-based electronic corpus of medieval Slavic translations and their corresponding Byzantine sources. By adding more and more data it would hopefully expand to Clavis versionum slavorum Medii Aevi – a unique research tool with no analogue in its field (Byzantine and Slavic medieval studies).

The first task during this 2-years project is to start cataloguing the works of John Chrysostom in order to test and develop our software and metadata. Chrysostomian homilies have very rich Slavonic tradition that is only partly investigated so there is also much of research to be done. We’ll add soon other texts too – hagiographical, homiletic, hymnographical, among others. Our ambiton is to represent exhaustively and bring together all the texts with their Greek parallels identified in different articles, studies, monographs and indices.

The website of the project was launched yesterday. You can find it at

It’s really hard for ordinary chaps to get any idea of what exists in this language.  This is a very welcome initiative!