Selling patristics books

It’s easy to buy books; never easier, in fact.  But selling them?  That’s hard work.  There’s a bookshop in Oxford that specialises in patristics, St. Philips Books.  Quite willing to go over there and offer them the 40-odd books that I have and want off the floor.  Trouble is, you email them and get a reply several days later, if then.

Anyone got any other suggestions?

5 Responses to “Selling patristics books”

  1. Joel (Polycarp)

    Roger, I have bought several books from other bloggers. Put up a list, or email me. I can only image what books you have.

  2. Roger Pearse

    Perhaps it’s the answer, although I hate the idea of packaging books up!

  3. Joel (Polycarp)

    Not a fun thing, I agree, but you may get more money that way.

  4. Roger Pearse

    Possibly. It will be interesting to see what the Oxford bookshop offer me. Less than I imagine, I suspect!

  5. Joel (Polycarp)

    I, myself, am always interested in Patristics, Roger.