Is this the title page of Abu’l Makarem?

Sometimes it is a pain not knowing Arabic, and this is one of those times.  Below is a page from a PDF which has reached me, containing a file named “abu.makarim_tarikh.i.pdf”.  The book is entirely in Arabic, in a directory labelled “Christian Arabic”, and has a picture of a Coptic bishop at the front.  It is 125 pages long.  So… what is it?

Some people will remember my interest in the Coptic-Arabic history of “Abu Salih”, or Abu’l Makarem as it turns out to be.  One portion was published with an English translation; another third has been published in Arabic; and a final chunk remains unpublished.  Is this PDF part of the Arabic portion, I wonder?

Can anyone tell me what the page says?  (Click on the image for the full size image).

Page from unknown PDF

Page from unknown PDF

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  1. Dioscorus Boles

    Roger, it reads:

    History of the Churches and Monasteries in the Twelfth Century by Abu Al Makarim which has been wrongly attributed to Abu Salih Al Armani (the Armenian); the First Part: Lower Egypt and Cairo. Prepared and annotated by the monk Samuel Al Siriani.

  2. Dioscorus Boles

    If it is at all possible, could you send me a copy of the PDF? With kind regards.

    Dioscorus Boles

  3. Roger Pearse

    Wonderful – thank you! This, then, is the portion of the work that corresponds to Evetts publication of “Abu Salih.”

    The item is probably in copyright, so of course I can’t pass it around.

  4. Dioscorus Boles


    I will give you nice surprise: I am not sure that this part is included in Evett’s publication. Evett published only what corresponds to Samuel’s part 2, 3 and part of part4!

    You have a valuable part in your hands which is missing from Evett’s publication! I have translated a few paragraphs from it before which you included under “How the Moslems handled the defeated Franks”. I remember you found that that part was actually translated in full by somebody in the American universities (I remember the name Mina), as ? part of a PhD. It would be good to have that translation available to readers.
    Dioscorus Boles

  5. Roger Pearse

    Aha! Now that is good news, then. Well, it might be worth doing something with this.

    I need to go back over the posts I made on this subject (all tagged, tho, as this one is) and see what I said.

  6. Fr. Bishoy

    Dioscorus Boles can you contact me please. Thanks may God bless you

    Fr. bishoy

  7. Dioscorus Boles

    Hi Fr Bishoy, I have sent you an email.