How to sell your unwanted books online

I have quite a few academic books, mostly about Tertullian, which I know that I will never look at again.  I’d like to sell these off and get rid of them — they’re occupying space I require for other purposes — but how?

Suggestions welcome!

10 thoughts on “How to sell your unwanted books online

  1. Pardon the following obvious comments:

    I’ve used Amazon with great success. Of course the problem with Amazon is that you have to shell out $$$ for Amazon’s commission. The value of Amazon, however, is that you’ve got the ‘advertising power’ of folks looking on Amazon and seeing your book.

    The other alternative would be to list the books on your blog. Most likely you’d be selling books in which folks who read your blog may have an interest. List them on a page and arrange shipment, etc. by email. This avoids the middle-man’s commission.

  2. Therein lies the problem. The listing line must be descriptive enough to find with a simple search. I had to study listings to know how to get people to find them using the Search function. I also understand the specialized nature of books. eBay is better for popular-level media.

    Other possibilities for listing the books are and I do not know how they operate however.

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