Following Jesus ever more closely … ouch

I’ve just seen the website of St. Marys, Bletchley, which has the slogan:

Following Jesus ever more closely

Just like this:

Hmm.  It’s probably my warped sense of humour, but this conjured up quite an image.

Following Jesus closely…
And more closely …
And still more closely …
And … ouch!

I have this picture of Jesus, robes and all, walking down the street with a gang of anglicans jostling to follow him “ever more closely”, until one of them accidentally treads on His robe!

Which is possible not the image intended.

A worthy sentiment, but possibly in need of some rephrasing!

1 Response to “Following Jesus ever more closely … ouch”

  1. Dioscorus Boles

    “Following the Logos ever more closely” will not cause imagination problem 🙂