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I’ve started OCR-ing the commentary of Theodoret on Romans from the Christian Remembrancer of 1839.  The translation belongs to the Oxford Movement period, so is pretty stodgy.  I’ve not seen any indication yet of who the translator is. 

I’ve also bought a copy of Adobe InDesign CS 5.5 from Amazon, at some terrifying price.  At least I can reclaim the 20% VAT (and isn’t it outrageous that if I buy something from you, we have to give the government an extra 20% of the money we pass between us, just to prevent them throwing us in prison?)  This should arrive later this week.  When it does, I shall tentatively try doing some typesetting experiments on the Origen book, and request a print via  Since I have to learn how to do it, the sooner I get that underway the better.  The book needs more editorial work, but I can do that while waiting for the printed-out form to appear.

That trip to Israel was good, but not relaxing, and the very long days of travel have left me rather tired!  My apologies to anyone awaiting an email reply.  I will get to you.

Meanwhile I need to find a further foreign trip to go on, before I have to go back to the treadmill in a week or two.


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