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From my diary

I hope to upload Methodius On life and rational activity soon.  The translation is done, and paid for (as of today), and only needs a tweak to my introductory footnote. Less good news: the Trinity-St Sergius Lavra site,  which hosts the Old Slavonic manuscripts that we are using, is offline.  Fortunately I did download the images of […]

The letter of Dioscorus to Shenouda about heretical books

Following on from Hugo Lundhaug’s paper on  Origenism in 5th century Upper Egypt: Shenoute of Atripe and the Nag Hammadi codices, delivered at the Oxford Patristics Conference, I wrote to him, asking about the sources: the letter of Archbishop Dioscorus of Alexandria, and a text by Shenoute himself.  Today I received an email from Dr Lundhaug, […]

Oxford Patristics Conference – Saturday (Contd.)

I forgot to mention that at breakfast I found myself in the queue, and talking to a chap who, like myself, wasn’t wearing his name badge (the name badges this year were excellently readable).  It turned out to be Mark DelCogliano, who has translated a number of the prefaces to books of the Vulgate and […]

Oxford Patristics Conference – Saturday

Up with the lark, and off to breakfast at 7:45.  A queue of disappointed people outside, tho, because it turns out that on Saturday it’s at 8:15.  It’s another warm day, and is raining slightly.  I’m going to leave my bags in the porter’s lodge for an hour or two and wander around Oxford!

Oxford Patristics Conference – Friday (Contd.2)

I spent the evening trying to get the Kindle application to install on my mobile phone, and enduring various obstacles and difficulties.  At 8:30pm there was a session at the university church of St. Mary the Virgin, and I was eventually obliged to leave my phone downloading that application, pop it in my pocket, and […]

Oxford Patristics Conference – Friday (Contd.)

I returned to my room ca. 1pm, and uploaded the last blog, got photos off the mobile phone, ordered various books for purchasers and so forth.  But a couple of further ideas caused me to return to the Examination Schools.  As I did so, it became clear that all the major publishers were packing up.  […]

Oxford Patristics Conference – Friday

I made to breakfast this morning in Queens College.  This is from 7:45-8:45.  Rather foolishly I presumed that no-one would be there at 7:45, and arrived just after 8.  I had difficulty getting seated! Then off to the Examination Schools, and into the South School, an immense area with a handful of people.  But the […]

Oxford Patristics Conference – Thursday (Contd. 4)

In the afternoon I bunked off.  I really did.  There were three sessions on Chrysostom in Syriac, but I looked at the abstracts and the urge to go waned.  The sunshine called to me, and I went out instead.  First I walked up to the Bodleian Library, and dropped into the admissions office.  My pass […]

Oxford Patristics Conference – Thursday (Contd 3)

I then went to hear Hugo Lundhaug talk about Origenism in 5th century Upper Egypt: Shenoute of Atripe and the Nag Hammadi codices.  This was fascinating, and discussed two texts.  The first was a letter from Dioscorus of Alexandria, telling people — and Shenoute in particular — to hunt out heretical books associated with Origenism […]

Oxford Patristics Conference – Thursday (Contd 2)

Between 10:20 – 11:20, I spent my time in the marquee at my stall.  I arrived to find that a group of Russians with a film crew had positioned themselves with a table right in front of my table, thereby preventing anyone from visiting it.  Promises that they would not be long proved empty.  By […]