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Discovered: A 5-6th century fragment of Methodius’ “Symposium”!

I learn from Brice C. Jones that a marvellous discovery has been made: a papyrus leaf, or the remains of one, containing a portion of the Symposium of the Ante-Nicene writer Methodius of Olympus (d. 311 AD, as a martyr): New Discovery: The Earliest Manuscript of Methodius of Olympus and an Unattested Saying about the […]

Did early heretics call themselves “Christians”

I was answering an email in great haste earlier today, which contained the assertion that heretics like Marcionites or Valentinians (there was no specific) referred to themselves as Christians.  I think that I sort of assented, or at any rate did not disagree, in the rush to disagree with other parts of the email. But […]

More on Anianus of Celeda

An email reminded me of this post about Anianus (or Annianus) of Celeda, who flourished ca. 413 AD and translated a number of the works of Chrysostom into Latin, in which form they circulated in the Middle Ages.  I’ve been looking for a bit more information about him. An index entry for Anianus at CERL […]

Eusebius update

I’ve started working through the 6 pages of revisions to proof text the Greek and Latin text of the forthcoming Eusebius Gospel Problems and Solutions.  Most of them are indeed proof corrections, which is something — missing commas or closing quotes and the like.  I’m going to see if I can move this forward in […]

How to find a lost manuscript of Eusebius

The lost manuscript of the full text of Eusebius’ Gospel problems and solutions was last seen in Sicily five centuries ago.  But it could quite possibly still be there. It might be nice to search for Sicilian mss.  I was thinking about it last night.  We have a couple of clues.  Latino Latini writes that […]

And more from the Chronicle of Zuqnin

This continues as follows: In the year 1057 (745-746), Marwan went out from the Gate of the Turks. It is written in the prophet Jeremiah: “Therefore thus says the Lord: See I will put pitfalls before this people: fathers and son will fail together; neighbour and friend will perish.” All these things happened to the […]

Back to the Chronicle of Zuqnin

The plague is raging in the East in the 740’s AD.  We’ve already seen quite enough about it, but the chronicler is not finished.  He ends his description of it as follows: Everywhere, those who remained – a very small-number –removed the dead, and all day without pause carried them away, threw them down as one would […]

What happens when the state pulls out of Constantine’s deal with the church?

Phil Snider has (somehow) been reading Ephrem’s Hymns against Julian the apostate.  His summary of what they say is fascinating, and may be very relevant to our world. I’ve always been interested in these hymns, but as far as I knew, no translation existed in any modern language.  Does anyone know of one? UPDATE: Apparently […]

I’m going to have a Religionsgesprach

One of the drawbacks of doing too much is that you tend to deal with emails a  bit too hastily.  One of those too hasty “yes that is fine” has come back to bite me. Regular readers will remember that I commissioned a translation of all the fragments of Philip of Side.  Five of these […]

Eusebius book to be delayed

I had intended to try to get the Eusebius book out in September.  I have just realised that this must be impossible.  I have quite a list of things which depend on others.  The Greek can’t be proof-read any sooner than 20 September, and it may be later.  I can’t proceed without the approval of […]