Eusebius update

I’ve started working through the 6 pages of revisions to proof text the Greek and Latin text of the forthcoming Eusebius Gospel Problems and Solutions.  Most of them are indeed proof corrections, which is something — missing commas or closing quotes and the like.  I’m going to see if I can move this forward in the evenings.

Meanwhile Lightning Source have decided — after a week — that they need yet more signatures from me in order to take my money, bless them.   Apparently some more of the boxes needed them, than the ones I spotted.  You wonder how they continue to exist!  But it isn’t holding anything up.

The cover design is pretty much clear in my mind.  A company logo will appear on it, and the design company has produced some good ideas.  It looks as if a Latin motto will be required, tho.  Anyone any ideas?  Thinking of Lightning Source inevitably leads me to Illegitimis non carborundum, but of course we can’t use that.

UPDATE: I managed to process around 20% of the proof corrections into the PDF tonight.  Better than I had thought!


6 thoughts on “Eusebius update

  1. You could have some fun with “rogare”. Like “Patres rogare”. That’s a real Latin phrase, and it’s even in Cicero, so it’s usable.

    Of course, it will probably turn out to have some unfortunate theological connotation I don’t know. 🙂

    Or you could do something canting about Pearse/Piers. 🙂

  2. Deus scientiarum Dominus est.

    1 Samuel 2:3, from the Vulgate. Googling it makes me think it may be overused a bit, though.

    Given your wikipedian efforts, perhaps “Hypothoses non fingo”, quoting the great Sir Isaac Newton, may be appropriate.

  3. Re: Cicero, apparently it was in the footnotes of some edition, not anything Cicero himself. Sorry… I’ve been making some very strange mistakes lately. Probably time to get more sleep.

  4. ‘Tis the season to feel woozy. The lower light levels make one’s inner, erm, hamster want to burrow into a pile of leaves and wait till spring.

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