Pinakes – Database of Greek Manuscripts online

The IRHT have placed their database of manuscripts of Greek texts online.  Named ‘Pinakes’, it can be accessed at:

The interface is a bit unusual.  You go to ‘Recherche’, where you are invited to enter the name of the author.  You do this in upper case, Latin-type names, with ‘u’ as ‘V’.  So EVSEBIVS, not Eusebios.  If you give it a chance, as you type you’ll get a list of suggestions appear.  You also have to choose from a drop-down list of works.

The database contains 200,000 entries.  It’s very minimal; just the library, shelfmark, and maybe folios for each work.  But it’s tremendous to have this online!

The IRHT invite comments indicating where it needs to be supplemented.  I’ve already seen the Eusebian entries are very incomplete.  I might just send in a few!


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