Eusebius, Quaestiones 1: Summer recess update

Earlier this year I commissioned two translators to produce an English translation of a previously untranslated work.  The work is the Quaestiones of Eusebius of Caesarea.  It’s an FAQ on differences between the gospels. 

The work itself is lost, but a long epitome of 16 questions was discovered by Angelo Mai in a Vatican manuscript.  In addition bits of the full text exist in medieval Greek commentaries made up of chains of quotations (catenas).  The commentary on Luke by Nicetas has quite a number.  So far I have 40 Greek fragments.  In addition the work was translated into Syriac, and fragments from Syriac catenas also exist.

At the moment the Greek translator is on Summer recess.  The Syriac grinds slowly forward; of the 12 fragments, 1-5 and 12 are done.  But I have discovered that quotations also exist in Coptic gospel catenas.  I have a copy of one, published by de Lagarde, and this definitely contains quotations from Eusebius.

I’ve advertised for someone with knowledge of Coptic to translate these passages also.

I’ve also begun to think about the physical manufacture of the book, design, layout etc.  I wish I knew more about these things.


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