Jon Lendering in Damascus editor Jona Lendering is apparently in Damascus.  Even so, US reaction has been perhaps a little over-the-top.

But seriously, this is good news.  Let’s hope he brings back a haul of useful photographs.  Indeed a daily journal which includes his travel arrangements would be of considerable use.  Similar things to similarly obscure regions from 20-30 years ago are now historical documents.

Syria is somewhere that I have always wanted to go.  Unfortunately the time to go is April or September, which are the times when I am usually looking for freelance work, as this tends to be available at set times related to the financial year.  But if there is no work this spring, as seems possible, perhaps now is the time to go?


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  1. Marco and I have smiles from ear to ear, reading this notice, here in Aleppo. Early this morning, I saw the sun rise over the citadel; and later, I watched Obama’s victory speech.

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