Some nice pictures of Theodoret’s Cyrrhus

I happened across this article on the Iconoclasm blog, where there are some nice pictures of the ruins of the Acropolis and theatre, and a couple of quotes from Theodoret on the errors of paganism.  Curiously the author puts ‘errors’ in quotes; without realising that amounts to endorsement of the prostitution and paganism that Theodoret is attacking!  But still nice photos, and nice to hear a bit of Theodoret.  Wonder where the English quotes come from; as far as I know the Curatio has never been translated. Looks like a good blog too!


4 thoughts on “Some nice pictures of Theodoret’s Cyrrhus

  1. The English quotes are taken from:

    Gazda, E.K. 1981. “A Marble Group of Ganymede and the Eagle from the Age of Augustine”, pp. 125-178, in: J. Humphrey (ed.) Excavations at Carthage Conducted by the University of Michigan. Vol. 6. Ann Arbor, MI: American School of Oriental Research.

  2. Wait and see, I have some 150 photos from Cyrrhus, although not of the two churches (I had to break off my visit unexpectedly). I’ll put it online after November 11 – Saint Martin’s Day.

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