3 thoughts on “More fake relics for sale on eBay!

  1. Didn’t Donahoe say that all of the absurd new policy changes were to “improve the buyers’ experience”? How is allowing fakes to be sold on it’s site going to accomplish that???

    I’m not surprised that these are allowed on ebay…ebay has to fill their site with something, since the honest buyers and sellers are leaving in droves.

    Learn more about what ebay/Paypal users are TRULY experiencing, search the internet for “Ebay Stockholders and Sellers Calling For Immediate Termination of John Donohoe” at petitiononline.

    More info can be found on ebay’s discussion board titled, “The Soapbox”, but please note that ebay is SEVERELY censoring users comments.

    To read what ebay/Paypal employees are saying about the extremely bad management at headquarters, search “ebay” at glassdoor.

  2. Well, this isn’t really about eBay, but about a modern trade in relics. But I have no objection to highlighting that eBay can be a bit of a dodgy place.

    That said, my own third purchase on eBay turned out to be from a crook. He was advertising some Macintosh software, specific version, complete. What arrived was two bare disks, different version, clearly retrieved from some junked machine. I complained to him, and got abuse back.

    I then complained to eBay, who asked me to supply details. I sent them; and eBay wrote back and asked me to supply details. I sent them again, and they wrote back and asked me to supply details (which were attached to their own email!). We went around this loop 10 times, to no avail.

    Meanwhile I was inundanted with abuse and threats from the vendor. It was a classic fraud. The simplest kind of swindler takes your money and refuses to supply the goods. But the police deal with them. The slightly cleverer swindler sends inferior merchandise and then affects outrage that there could be any confusion. Thus it becomes a dispute, rather than a crime, he evades the police, and the customer is bilked.

    I then complained to Paypal, who equivocated, spun for time, and then refused to refund me.

    Meanwhile I had sent the goods back, and told Paypal so. Once the vendor learned that Paypal had supported him, I heard nothing from him. So I ended up with no goods and no money.

    I then went to my credit card company, presented the evidence, and they spiked the payment then and there.

    I was deeply underimpressed with both eBay and Paypal.

    One amusing note: after I got the refund the swindler sent me one last abusive email claiming that he was going to come to the UK, yes he was, and sue me in the courts for “damage to his business” (because, he said, eBay had then kicked him off), etc etc. I ignored it, chuckled to myself and thought, “If you manifest a legal presence where I can get my hands on you, little man, you’ll see the inside of a British prison.” It was, of course, just bluster and I never heard more.

    After that, I have rarely used eBay. Who needs 3 months of that?

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