Managing my e-mail

Some weeks I am away from home.  I keep up with my email via a rather dumb SquirrelMail web interface (provided by my ISP), and delete the spam.  But I wish I could organise it!  When I go home, I connect to the net, and my mail client downloads the email.  Then I have to go through it a second time and stuff it in the right folders and generally clear it up.  This takes time that I badly need for other purposes.

I wish that there was a better way.  Ideally I could organize it via the web, and then download it pre-organized.  Any suggestions, anyone?


One thought on “Managing my e-mail

  1. Does your ISP provide IMAP (in addition to POP) access to your email? If so, it is likely or possible that this would keep the web interface and your mail client in sync. IMAP keeps the messages on the server and has provisions for folders, read/unread status and so on, your mail client would only cache the messages locally. It may be as easy as changing your server setting in the mail client from “” to “”.

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