UK copyrights everything ever made?

Susan Rhoads of Elfinspell drew my attention to this discussion on Wikimedia, where images of out of copyright material were deleted in response to a claim that in the UK any photograph is copyright, even a scan of out-of-copyright material.  The claim is being made by a certain John van Whye, from, as a reason why stuff from his website should be removed.

There is no indication, as far as I could see, of law or case law to back up these claims.  As far as I know they have never been tested in court.  But then no-one in the UK can afford to defend themselves in court.

It is understandable that van Whye wants to protect his website so he can exploit it commercially — although not all that understandable, since he didn’t pay for it himself.  But this is an evil day, if the already absurdly over-oppressive UK copyright law has managed to be extended yet further.

It all sounds like special pleading to me.


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