Finding Samuel of Kalamoun on my hard disk

Erm, yes, well <cough>.  I’ve just found the Arabic text and French translation of the Apocalypse of Samuel of Kalamoun on my own hard disk.  A friend slipped me a collection of PDF’s of articles a while back.  Probably this will be more useful if I, erm, look at them.

This is going to be such a problem for us all, losing stuff that we have.  Thank heavens I didn’t pay money and put in an ILL for it!

One other thought: the PDF was at 200 dpi.  Come on, guys — scan at 400 dpi and give us chaps with OCR software a chance!  (Mind you, Finereader 9 is making a splendid attempt!)

Next day: Of course there is very little point in scanning and running the OCR through a machine translator, if you then leave the output file at home… <gnashing teeth>


2 thoughts on “Finding Samuel of Kalamoun on my hard disk

  1. Dear Roger,

    Would be grateful if I could have a copy of the Arabic text.



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