Don’t bother with the Cambridge Patristics conference in September

… unless you live close enough to walk.  Apparently the organisers have decided not to provide any car parking.  Or maybe the university authorities think that nobody who matters will need it; and the proles can just use what passes for public transport and good luck to them.  Either way, there is none.

I had forgotten the way that the privileged in Oxbridge take pleasure in tormenting the rest of us this way.  So much cheaper than sorting out their wretched transport links!  So much more fun, to force adults to pay to leave their cars somewhere and pay more to wrestle suitcases onto horrible buses!

Of course if I can’t park then I can’t attend, and certainly  can’t stay overnight.  Who in the world would choose to spend three days worrying about parking their car?!

It is rather a pity.  In fact, it’s a shame.  I was really looking forward to going, not least since it’s only 60 miles from my home and I might be at liberty to go.   Oh well.  Maybe I’ll just go for the day. Although since my enquiry about the latter was met with silence, perhaps not.


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