Jesus is Horus, yes really

Most of us will recall the vivid scenes in the gospels where Jesus’ father is killed by his brother, chopped up, and Mary has to reassemble the body.  We’ve all cried over the scene where she couldn’t find his willy, so had to fabricate an artificial substitute, in order to conceive Jesus by means of her undead husband.  Haven’t we?

At least, I’m sure it’s in the gospel somewhere.  There are so many people going around telling us about the virgin birth of Horus, and how Jesus was copied from it, that they must know of such a passage.

PhilVaz has compiled an article on some of these ignorant ideas, in which he lists the primary sources for Horus and discusses them, with references.  It’s here. It may come in useful when dealing with people who know nothing about the subject except that they are certain they are right.


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