Tell me where to go

… on holiday.  It looks as if I shall get some time off in July and August; where should I go?

I’d like to go somewhere warm — I like heat anyway; somewhere with ancient ruins to see, perhaps with a museum or two.  I don’t want to catch any diseases, or be held hostage.  I would like to go somewhere that you can go on a package tour, so that I have people to talk to.  Maybe somewhere in the Mediterranean.  Somewhere with a 5* hotel.  Somewhere with an airflight time that isn’t too hideous.

Where should I go?


6 thoughts on “Tell me where to go

  1. How about Crete? 4 Minoan palaces, many ancient cities, at least 4 archeological museums, many archeological caves, many monasteries active and available to visit, palm groves, olive groves, many gorges tours are available, too many 5 star hotels, people that do speak some english. Plus that since you are in the EU, you don’t have to worry about getting diarrhea from tap water (which I do get if I make the mistake of drinking non-bottled water elsewhere). Plus since this is a prosperus place there is a nightlife, you wont be forced to sleep at midnight like the chickens because absolutely nothing is open at night

  2. Roger,

    Think of something different this time (you must have seen by now Egypt, Greece, Turkey, etc.)! Have you ever thought of going to Russia, west of the Urals. Weather in summer is good round Moscow and south of it. You can visit Tolstoy’s Yasnaya Polyana. You can trace Anthon Chekhov’s steps. You will learn about the rich history and culture of Russia and its Orthodox Church. And there are plenty of museums too!


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