Origen: Homilies on Ezekiel translation underway

The project to translate the homilies of Origen and put them online is underway.  A scholar wrote to me over the weekend about this, and I have commissioned him to translate all of the Homilies on Ezekiel, which have never received an English translation at all.  The Homilies on Numbers have never been translated into English either, but these are three times as long, and I only have the last volume of the SC edition.

The first 5 pages of the first homily have already been done as a sample, and been approved.  We’re using the Sources Chrétiennes text as a basis (itself a reprint of the GCS text).

He also sent me a digest of what translations of the homilies already exist, which is very useful and I reproduce here.  Any additions and corrections would be welcome!

One of the Numbers homilies is included in the “Classics of Western Spirituality” volume of Origen, and there is a compilation by Tollinton – Selections from the Commentaries and Homilies of Origen (SPCK, 1929); I’m not sure what it has in it.

Genesis and Exodus (R. E. Heine – FotC, 1982)
Leviticus 1-16 (G. W. Barkley – FotC, 1990)
Joshua (B. J. Bruce, C. White – FotC, 2002)
Judges (E. D. Lauro – FotC, 2009)
Song of Songs (R. P. Lawson – ACW, 1988 / 1978)
Jeremiah + 1 Kings 28 (J. C. Smith – FotC, 1998)
Luke (J. T. Lienhard – FotC, 1996)

Selections from the Commentaries and Homilies… (R. B. Tollinton, 1929)

Genesis (L. Doutreleau – SC, 1976)
Exodus (H. de Lubac – SC, 1947)
Leviticus (M. Borret – SC, 1981)
Numbers (vol. 1:  Doutreleau [et al.] – SC, 1996; vol. 2:  Doutreleau – SC, 1999; vol. 3:  Doutreleau – SC, 2001)
Joshua (A. Jaubert – SC, 2000; Jaubert – SC, 1960)
Judges (SC, 1993)
Samuel (SC, 1986)
Psalms 36-38 (SC, 1995)
Song of Songs (O. Rousseau – SC, 1966)
Jeremiah (SC, 1976-77)
Ezekiel (M. Borret – SC, 1989)
Luke (SC, 1962)

Genesis and Exodus (G. Gentili, 1976)
Exodus (M. I. Danieli, 1981)
Psalms (74 Homilies on…:  1993)
Psalms 36-38 (E. Prinzivalli, 1991)
Song of Songs (M. Simonetti, 1998)
Isaiah (M. I. Danieli, 1996)

Exodus (1992)

Jeremiah [the ones preserved in Gk] (E. Schadel, 1980)
Jeremiah [10 homilies] (E. Klostermann, 1903)
Luke (H. J. Sieben, 1991-2)


10 thoughts on “Origen: Homilies on Ezekiel translation underway

  1. Those homilies are by Gregory the Great — the ones I have in mind are by Origen. Both sets were delivered on Ezechiel, as you rightly saw.

    Whew! That was a bad moment!

  2. Not as such. But the material is nearly all translated now, and includes all the material by Origen on Ezechiel in Migne, not just the Homilies. I think all the translation will have been completed by the end of this month. It’s a very, very good piece of work.

    Of course then I shall have to turn it into a book and sell it, to recoup the costs. This may be hampered, or made easier, by my efforts to send the Eusebius volume out at around the same time!

    Are you interested in it?

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