Syriac Eusebius restarts

Deep joy!  Someone who translates from Syriac has written to me and asked if I want any work done.  I’ve pointed him at Syriac fragment 10 of the Quaestiones evangelicae of Eusebius. 

I was rather despairing of ever getting this completed.  There’s only 12 fragments, and 1-6 and 12 are all done.  But… more people are interested in Syriac than capable in it, it seems.

So it’s all getting rather busy!  The Greek is approaching completion, I now have another chance of getting the remaining 5 chunks of Syriac done.  Someone is working on Origen, and of course my own hands are busy with Agapius and the Greek translator.

Is there something about summer?  Do all the academics come out to play at the end of May, with time on their hands for a couple of months?

Maybe I should look for someone who knows Coptic as well, and see if I can get the Eusebius fragments in Coptic done!


5 thoughts on “Syriac Eusebius restarts

  1. I would recommend that you write to which is a group made of Copts and non-Copts who are interested in learning and reviving Coptic. Some of them are pretty good. Many are residents of Egypt, and they would be reasonable with their fees.

  2. I am a student in oriental christianity (syriac, coptic and armenian) and I would be more than interested to give a go at translating some coptic fragments of Eusebius! Sounds fascinating!

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