Massive French site of translations from Latin, Greek, Syriac, Arabic, Georgian…

I’ve just come across this French site,  It contains a simply enormous amount of French translations, often with parallel original text.  Partly the site is a portal; but much is actually at the site itself.  It seems to be the work of a collective, although lots of stuff is by  Marc Szwajcer, and on the site itself.  The Armenian history Agathangelos is there.  Agapius is there — I wish I’d known, for I had to scan this myself for my own English translation.  A work by Severus Sebokht on the Astrolabe is there.  Letters of Jerome are there.

Among the gems are the poems of Claudian, and those of Sidonius Apollinaris, including his panegyric for the emperor Majorian, and his panegyric on his ineffectual successor, Anthemius.  Firmicus Maternus is there.  So is a lot of Photius.

“But what is this to me?” I hear you cry, “I don’t speak French.”  But Google translate is really very good for French.  So you really can make use of this, even so.

Stephen C. Carlson’s blog Hypotyposeis is not updated as often as it might be, so I only look in infrequently.  But I owe this tip to him.  Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Massive French site of translations from Latin, Greek, Syriac, Arabic, Georgian…

  1. Yes, this is an excellent resource and Msgr. Remacle and friends are to be commended. Sorry I didn’t mention this to you myself.

  2. They’re doing a great job. I may have seen it before; can’t remember — but if so, it didn’t register just how much was there.

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