Manuel Paleologus, Dialogue with a Learned Persian, uploaded

For some months I’ve been translating the work that got Pope Benedict into so much trouble a year or two back; Dialogue 7 of the Dialogues with a Learned Moslem by Manuel II Paleologus.  It’s been hard going, because I have found the arguments really tedious.  I’ve now accepted that I will never manage to do all 37 chapters of this, and have decided to stop, and upload what I have managed to do.

Chapters 1-18 are now online here.  The remark quoted by the pope comes early on, and the rest gives quite enough to see the context of the discussion.


5 thoughts on “Manuel Paleologus, Dialogue with a Learned Persian, uploaded

  1. NOOOOoooooo!!

    Well, Thanks for doing this much, you’re a scholar and a gentleman , and a right good one at that:)

  2. May I ask you if it is true that in the passage ‘you will only find what is bad or inhuman’ in the original Greek there is actually a superlative or comparative as argued by Don Barbaglia in this post?

  3. At pag. 142 of this book there is the Greek text of Controversy VII, 2 c.
    It would be interesting to know how Forstel translates in German this passage in his critical ediction “Manuel II. Palaiologus, Dialoge mit einem Muslim.”

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