The lost part of John Chrysostom’s second sermon against the Jews

Another forgotten paper has emerged from my pile during scanning of articles, and reminds me that I need a translator; someone who can handle Chrysostom.

John Chrysostom preached eight sermons against the Jews during his time at Antioch.  The second of these is markedly shorter than the others; about 30% of the size.  This led researcher Wendy Pradels to wonder whether the text was damaged, and to search for manuscripts.  Her article on the search is here, and in 1999 her persistence was rewarded by the discovery of an unknown manuscript in Lesbos which contained the full version of the sermon. In 2001 she published the extra text, with a German translation, and I have just come across my copy of it.

But as far as I know, no English version of this exists.  I wonder whether a scholar would be interested in making me a translation!


9 thoughts on “The lost part of John Chrysostom’s second sermon against the Jews

  1. Wendy Pradels, Rudolf Brändle, Martin Heimgartner; Das bisher vermißte Textstück in Johannes Chrysostomus, Adversus Judaeos, Oratio 2, Zeitschrift für antikes Christentum (2001) Volume: 5 Pages: 23-49

  2. Well, it’s more interesting the more people want to kill you for it — or at least charge you very high taxes for not being Muslim. So being very convincing to fellow Copts would have been very important.

    But yes, it’s nice when authors get to write about other stuff. (Though there might be a lot of other stuff buried in the treatises, as examples.)

  3. Sorry. I was commenting on the Coptic Christological material post, I thought. Obviously not.

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