Update on Chrysostom Project

I’ve readvertised that I want to hire someone who will translate the recently rediscovered 60% of Chrysostom’s Oratio II adversus Judaeos into English. 

This time I tried CLASSICS-L and got quite a bit of interest. Three people responded, one of whom can’t be available for 3 months, and I was forwarded to someone else who would be interested to do it as a project non-commercially (but I really need to find a Greek translator I can hire). 

So I’ve sent out the text to those interested, and we’ll see how they respond.  If they like it, I’ll choose one and ask for a sample of the first page, as I always do, and pass that to someone I already know and trust for checking.  The others will go into the “possible” tray, and I may use them for something else patristic or Chrysostomical.  Looking good.


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