Origen updates, and more

Just to let you know that Homily on Ezechiel 7 has been done and paid for. I’ve also seen the draft of homily 8, which will be done soon I think.  The “Tammuz” fragment has been revised and is paid for also.  So some very good progress.

The chap who agreed to translate the recently discovered 60% of Chrysostom’s Oration 2 against the Jews has written to tell me that he has broken his ankle and can’t get around much. 

No progress on any of the Arabic since last time.  The lady who knows about the Coptic Eusebius has told me that she’s very busy, as is no doubt the case.

I’ve spent today wondering if the blog had a virus.  Fortunately not; it just had a bad plugin installed (phew!).


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