How big is my Migne?

If I’m going to get the Selecta in Ezechielem of Origen translated from the Migne edition (PG13), I need to work out a price.  I’ve already agreed a price per page of the Sources Chrétiennes text; how does this relate to a column of Migne?

It turns out that a full column of Migne is about twice the size of the same full page of an SC edition, which was a surprise.  It shows just how much stuff the good Abbé was able to cram into his not inconsiderable volumes.

The Selecta are cols. 767-825 in PG13; but of course alternate columns are the Latin translation, so there’s only 29 columns of text.  The online Google books edition of the PG13 is damaged at this point; several pages are unreadable, clearly because the copyist lifted the volume before the page was copied.  Fortunately I have a better copy.  I wonder how I can report the book and get the Google books errors fixed?


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  1. Roger,

    There is a “Feedback” link on the same page as the PDF download [Plain text, Clip, Link, Feedback, PDF] that has checkbox options:

    Report a problem on the page

    Current page: Page 11

    Part of the page is unreadable
    Missing page


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